She Writes This
2 min readMay 17, 2022


This song will be one of my wedding playlist. Every time I listen to it, I find joy, comfort, and strength to face the future.

No one ever said it would be easy.

Indeed, it won’t be easy. As I grow up, I think a lot, I know a lot of things that happened in the past won’t make the relationship easy.

There’s heartache in the storm, but it won’t last forever.

We experience and feel the pain for a while, just for a while. Endure.

So when the sun goes down, I’ll love you deeply.

We see the sunset everyday, so does we will love each other deeply each day. Even though the night is coming, even though we cannot see things clearly, I’ll love you deeply.

Our seasons are made for change, but my promise still remains.

Through many seasons of our life, through many changes, we promise to go through this together. Our promise still remains.

Only you, alone. My today and my tomorrow.

Only you, alone. You’re my anchor when I’m hopeless.

It’s you. Thank you for sticking with me today and will be with me tomorrow. There are many storms in our life, many things that make us hopeless. Only you that stay by my side.

Even if the road ahead is unclear. We will hold each other’s hands in the darkness.

We don’t know about our future, there will be many uncertainty. One thing for sure, we walk together, we hold each other’s hands, and we know who hold our future, God, so we won’t lost in the darkness.

I choose you a million times over, only you.

Although, I have another chance or option, I can turn back the time and choose someone else, I’m not going to do that. I choose you.

Love is just a word, you gave it meaning.

Almost everyday we hear the word ‘love’. Do we really know the meaning of love? When you come into my life, you show me, you teach me, that I am loved by Him first, I feel loved, and I learn how to love.

When laughter turns to tears, I’ll hold you forever.

When life gets hard, when we face many problems, when tears come out, I will be right by your side. Let us face it, together. ‘In good times or in bad, in sickness and health, when life seems easy and when it seems hard’

You’re the reason why, my heart keeps beating.

You are my other half. You keep me alive.

When days, turn into years, my love would still be here.

Hopefully, we live together until God calls us back. When we do, let’s love each other better, let’s grow in Christ, let’s do His will and become His tools in this world.

:) :) :)