#BtB9: We are Near to the End

Time flies. Now, we are near to the end of 2020. December is the last month of the year. December is the best time to reflect and review what we have been through.

I exactly don’t know what you guys have been doing this year. Things that I really know that COVID19 pandemic has changed our life styles. We worked from home. We studied from home. We used new apps to buy this and that. We held meeting via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. Few things practically has changed, but it doesn’t change the essence.

We should take our time to seriously think about these past 11 months. Some of us might feel disappointed because pandemic cancelled our plans. Some of us might feel grateful because pandemic gave us a chance to spend a lot of time at home. Some of us might feel anxious because of the financial issues during the pandemic. Some of us might lose our jobs, our family, and our business because of pandemic. Some of us might learn something new during pandemic, find new hobbies, meet new friends, do more workout at home, eat healthy foods, read more books, etc. Many things happened within 11 months.

Could we blame the pandemic for all the things happened in 2020? I think we couldn’t. Let’s think of “Who are we? Are we big? Are we independent creature? Or are we small and very dependent creature? Are we having right to blame the virus?” Nothing on this earth happened because of our good deeds or wills.

We couldn’t either set the time for the sun to rise or ask the full moon to appear each night. God is the One who controls the sun and the moon. Also, He is the One who controls you and everything that happens to you. All things before today were controlled by Him, all things today are in His control, all things after today will be controlled and prepared by Him.

In my opinion, the best thing we can do right now is thanking Him. Thank you for the forgiveness of sins He gave. Thank you for the price He paid to set us free. Thank you for the sunrise each morning. Thank you for the moon that lightens our night. Thank you for the blinking stars we enjoy each night. Thank you for the free oxygen. Thank you for the water. Thank you for the rain. Thank you for pandemic.

As I said at the beginning, let us having some time to reflect and review 2020. If you read this after 2020, you can use this to reflect and review your passing days.

Here are some thoughts and questions that may help you to reflect and review:

  1. If you make a list of resolutions and goals, it’s better to open and read it again. Use another color of ink to make a checklist the things you have achieved.
  2. Be thankful for each checklist you draw on the list.
  3. What about the un-checklist? Try to think about how to achieve, if it’s possible to achieve within few days before 2021, then do it. If it’s not, put it on your first goals in 2021.
  4. What skills I learned in this year? Make a list. For example, I learned to bake some cakes, I learned to sing, I learned to play piano, I learned to grow succulents, etc.
  5. What were the things that I did for “the first time” in this year? It will be fun, trust me. For example, for the first time I finished 10 books in a year, for the first time I did a one hour workout, for the first time I joined webinar, etc.
  6. Mention all things or moments that makes you full of gratitude in 2020. For example, my birthday, my graduation, or whatever it is.
  7. Take your phone and scroll the photo galleries. Take your time to remember the moments you captured in a photo. You also can remind your friends in a frame of photo by sending it to them. Write a little note to describe that moment.
  8. What are the things I cannot do in this year? Why can I do it? Then, I suggest you to make a plan for the future.
  9. How many blessings do I receive this year? Compare them with how many blessings do I give to others in this year? If you receive more than you give, you need to give more and more. It’s better to give than to receive.
  10. Think of the people in need. Ask yourself, how many times do you pray for the people in need this year? How many times does God answer your prayer? When you found that God had answered your prayers, it would make your heart filled with thankfulness. Next year, if you have a short conversation with your old friends, ask them what you can support in prayer. I suggest you to write them down on a book or notes and keep praying for them.

I really hope we can reflect and review our year with gratitude and joy. God is bigger than us and our problems. God knows you and all things you struggles with. He sees you. He sees our future which we can’t see. We’re dependent creature, He is independent. Let us trust Him with all our hearts. Let us grab His hand and see His guidance. Let us find our equilibrium in His sovereignty. All things are from Him, through Him, and for Him.

Blessed to be Blessing!

Soli Deo Gloria. To God be the Glory.



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