#BtB8: Laziness

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2 min readNov 19, 2020


Laziness is not a passive thing, but it is an active obedience to something other than Christ. Yes it is.

You obey your hobbies,

you obey your will,

you obey yourself for doing nothing.

Is it a sin?
It is. We’re created by God to work. But the sin was interrupted the good order, so we worked harder today.
It is dishonoring God. God has give you time, energy, and attention to work. Work for His good will, but all we do is doing nothing. We don’t use our time, energy, and attention wisely. We act like we’re God.

“If you’re not willing to work, do not eat” Paul said. What does it mean?
Eating is the basic thing we need. Without eating, sooner or later we’ll die. If we’re not working for getting the food, we’ll never eat. The words “not willing” don’t have the same meaning with “not able”. Surely, this is a big problem in our life. The people that is able but not willing is in great danger. We have ability to do this or that but we don’t do because we’re not wanting it. We loose our respect of the gifts of God. We can control our heart, our willing, but we keep rejecting it.

Don’t be small hearted. We can overcome this.
We’re saved by Christ so we have the ability “not to sin”. Everyday is our choice and we always have the choice to not to sin.
Take a rest of trying to be God. We’re not God who can control the future. We’re not God who sees the future. We’re not God who limitless.

We’re limited creature. We’re not independent. We need to depend in God. Laying our plan, our will, our life to Him. Take a rest for we’re not God. In rest we’ll find God is bigger. In rest we’ll find ourselves are smaller.

Rest. Rest. Find God, not yourself.

Blessed to be Blessings!



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