#BtB7: Rest

Sabbath means rest.
Does it important?
Does it only about going to church on Sunday?
Does it only about sleeping and taking rest?

It is not.

God created the universe in 6 days. On the 7th day, He rested. God took rest. What does it mean?

By knowing that human is created by God in His image. Also, it means we need rest as God does.

Rest also means dependency. We can never live our life on our own. We can never do everything by our strength. We are not independent creature. We need someone outside ourselves to sustain us.

Find God in your rest. And rest from trying to be God.

God supplies.
God provides.
God sustains.
God controls.
God never leaves.

Find Him always and forever.

Rest from your selfishness.
Rest from your ego.
Rest from your “independency”
Rest from you who never satisfied.

You never find rest outside God.
He gives you opportunity to come.
He gives you The Way.
Come to Him. In prayer. In solitude.

Blessed to be Blessing!

Take your rest.



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