#BtB13: Learning from Pain

She Writes This
2 min readFeb 12, 2022


The pain of breakup may still in the air. We know, it’s painful at the moment. Do we know about the future? Will the pain only be pain?

I told you first, pain will change you into a beautiful painting.

Breakup, who wants it to happen? Most of us who’s in relationships don’t want to break up. Most of us, who ever had a relationship, already feel the pain of breakup.

We were crying when our spouse said

“I can’t be with you anymore.”

“We better take a break.”

“I love you, but we know this won’t work.”

“I’m sorry. Thank you for everything.”

or many other sayings.

We were feeling the pain. We were having a hard time. We were hurt. We were extremely disappointed. We should let ourselves to feel these feelings, not denying them.


We shouldn’t let these feelings stayed for a long time.

Move on.

I know, yes, we know. Kinda too fast for moving on. It’s okay to mourn and to cry upon breakup. But, please, note and tell yourself to move on.

Moving on isn’t about forgetting the past. It’s about forgiving ourselves or himself/herself. It’s not easy if we’re breaking up because he/she makes mistake. But… we can try.

Moving on is about looking forward, trusting God for He will take care our our heart and He will lead us to the right person in the future. As soon as we can wipe our tears, wipe it away. As soon as we can lift our chin up, chin up. As soon as we can let go, let go. As soon as we can forgive, forgive. It takes time, take your time. Do not ever compare how long the time you need to overcome the pain with the other’s experience.

After the dark night, there’s the sun.

After the rain, there’s bright sky.

After the painful time, there’s joy. Here are few things that we can learn from pain:

  1. Know yourself. We know how to take care of our heart. We know how to heal our feelings. We know how to cry. From pain, we know how strong, brave, and tough we are.
  2. Forgiveness. We learn how to forgive ourselves and those who hurt us.
  3. Endure. During the hard times, endure. Our muscle strength is often used in the most heavy burden.
  4. Look forward. The moment after we feel the pain is the key moment to look forward. Remember that God has beautiful plan for us. Remember that He is our Father and He always wants what’s best for His children. Look forward for He has prepared something great in the future.

Blessed to be blessings.