A Love Letter

She Writes This
4 min readJun 25, 2022


Hi love!

I hope when you read this, you’re in good condition and good feeling. I hope when you read this, you’re already in love and ready to love me more 😋😋

I thank God every time I remember you in my prayer. I really thank Him for He makes our path cross. We are good friends and enjoying our friendship. I really thank God, I have a friend like you. — Well, I hope you’re not mad at me because I call you ‘friend’ —

Indeed you’re a good friend of mine and I hope you will always be my good friend until the days to come. I also pray that God will give me wisdom and capability to be a good friend for you too.

You’re such a good listener, advisor, my living alarm and reminder.

I’m glad I know you as a good friend. I’m thankful because we can have a close and deep relation right now. Remember what Jason Mraz said:

“Lucky I’m in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been. Lucky to be coming home again. Lucky we’re in love in every way. Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed. Lucky to be coming home someday.”😍

We always laugh at every silly and embarrassing moments. We roast each other, almost every night. Sometimes, we do stupid things during our date. We just laugh and figure out how to solve it. I really enjoy this kind of relationship. I never thought that I will write this love letter to my best friend, my boyfriend.

Okay, boyfie, ups. Noticing a shifting calling? Yes.

You’re such a good man. I know you’re not perfect, so do I. You know what thing that makes me really give thanks to God? You admitted and told me about your flaws, your past, and your mistakes. It wasn’t easy to admit our weaknesses to someone whom we always wants to look good, but you did. I really appreciated it, although it made me sad and confused how to respond. I told you the truth: we’re living in this sinful world, we made mistakes, but gladly we could realize our mistakes and sins, we repented.

I froze for a few minutes when you told me, you already prepared yourself if I wanted to stop and leave after knowing your flaws. I never thought to leave, never, until you told me about leaving then I thought “Shall I?” It only stayed for maybe 10 seconds. The next seconds, my heart and my mind agreed and decided to stay and walk another miles with you. You know what, I never thought to leave, but at that time, I thanked God I knew it from the beginning and you were not hiding it.

Through all of the ‘fight’ and ‘debate’ we had, I believed we learned. We learned how to listen to another point of view, understood our feeling, and admitted our flaws. I sometimes start the fire, for hours, and maybe a day, but I’m glad, you’re the fireman.

Hei, can I ask you to help me? When I cannot see my flaws, my fault, my weakness, please help me to see. Help me to see the things that is unseen to me. Help me to listen to the sound that is unheard. Correct me when I’m not doing Thy way.

I’m full with joy, when we commit to read the Bible and pray every night. In a day, it’s the moment that I wait the most. During the hardship in our work, we can find a rest for a while.

We can tell our Father everything we’re struggling to do during a day. We can ask our Father about our future. We truly know He will provide the strength for the journey. Although, sometimes I sleep before we call then I get sleepy hahahaha — I’m a sleepyhead, you know — I really love the moment we pray, telling our problems, bringing it to God, relying God in every struggles, and hoping for a better future.

Through all the turbulences in our life, let us holding each others hands and be faithful in prayer. God hears our prayer and cries. He evaluates our inner thoughts and motives. He knows what’s best for His children.

He will turn our sorrow into joyful moment in His time. We need to wait and be patient.

He makes our path cross. I believe that God will make a way. If this is God’s will, it will work in magical and never imagined way.

Let us love God more, love each other better, love our parent and family, love the church, and love the world He entrusted to us.

Let us do everything with love.

I love you and I will do.